MPF Pet Foods is a support system for all pet families.

At MPF Pet Foods LTD, we promote the quality of life for a global community of pets. Just as our pets give us unconditional love and support, our purpose is to provide comprehensive care for our furry companions through nutrition, pet welfare and technology-backed healthcare.

Our experience in this industry began with our first venture in 1999. Since then, our products have evolved with decades of scientific research in animal nutrition.

As a Canadian company, we focus on recipes that feature our fresh, local ingredients. To cultivate a more sustainable future for our pets, we also practice responsible sourcing and operation, and work directly with our Canadian farmers and Indigenous canneries.

As a support system, we are truly committed to your pets — and we hope to empower them with the health and care they deserve.

Our Product Line

Aimé Kitchen®

Our pet is our kin.

At Aimé Kitchen®, we aim to recreate the devoted care found in home-cooked meals. From serving dry feasts to wet fares, our recipes include our patent-pending Oral Health Support formula to boost your pet’s wellbeing. We are care-givers of pets ourselves, and we have decades of experience making meals for our loved ones in our own kitchen. Our pets are our kin — and we would love to cook for your’s.Official website

MicrocynAH® PhD Daily Regime

Daily health regime for your best friend.

MicrocynAH® is a family of advanced animal healthcare products that are safe to use on all animals, no matter the species or age. Our condition-specific, functional treats are formulated by our PhD Animal Nutritionist. These formulas cover the most essential issues that impact our pets’ health today, including support for Calming, Oral Health, Skin & Coat Health and Gut Health.Official website